Grant Application Instructions

The purpose of the Stoneham Business and Community Educational Foundation's (SBCEF) grant program is to provide funding for faculty and staff of the Town's public and private schools, as well as members of other community educational organizations, to: a) enhance the quality of education in Stoneham; b) further civic, charitable and benevolent aims in the community; c) sponsor community awareness events focusing on educational issues; d) promote community participation in the growth of the educational experience in Stoneham; and e) support professional development of the faculty and administration of all Stoneham schools. The Foundation cannot accept proposals for projects that should be funded by the school or Town budgets, e.g., equipment, textbooks, supplies, and regular curriculum development. Applicants should consider creative projects that will allow them to explore new areas as well as to develop ongoing interests while reaching the greatest number of children possible. Applicants are encouraged to discuss proposal ideas with any member of the Grants Committee. Please refer to the CALL FOR PROPOSALS for eligibility requirements and general guidelines.

The Application Form (Pages 1 and 2)

Please type the information requested for proposal items 1-10. The proposal # line at the top of page 1 should be left blank.
The cost of supplies, tuition, equipment, operational and other project expenses should be grouped into appropriate categories in the budget section.

Criteria for Evaluation

The series of questions found at the bottom of page 1 of the Application Form will be used by the Grants Committee to evaluate each proposal. The proposals with the highest ratings will be funded.


Proposals should be emailed to Steve Quattrocchi as noted on our letters each award period by Nov. 1st for Fall award period, and April 15th for Spring award period.

Download the application form 

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Application Form (MS Word)

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